Everyone knows that Yoga is a great way to keep fit, both mentally and physically. It is wise to learn Yoga from a qualified instructor. To find out an Instructor or School near where you live, just search this site. We maintain a list of Certified Instructors. YAI has certified a number of Yoga teachers who have completed their Teachers Training programs at the 200-hour levels from the HK Yoga Association. Here is the list:

200-hour Level Certified Teachers

  • Chau Ling Pui Polly
    Cheng Yin Han, Joanne
    Lee Ka Man
    Vanessa Yeung
    Man Hiu Ting, Tiffany
    Carmen Hellmann
    Chan Nga Pan
    Choi Ying Mui, Marisa
    Chun Ha Maggie
    Law Wing Yee, Winnie
    Boa Tin
    Law Siu Mei, Karen
    Zeng Kai Qin, Jessica
    Park Min Jun
    Michelle Wei
    Wu Siu Hing, Shirley
    Lo Sze Ya, Venus
    Cheung Man Kin, Ann
    Helen Cheung Yuk Mui
    Lai Chi Ho, Joe
    Hui Hoi Leung
    Lui Ling Ling, Rose
    Chan Chui Wu, Maggie
    River Ho Wing Yee
    Chun Sau King
    Li Wing Sum, Winsome
    Chu Sheung Mei
    Moon Kwok
    Zeng Kai Qin, Jessica
    Yeung Yuk Mui, Strawberry
    Chan Suk Shan
    Janet Cheng
    Lee Kit Mei, Estella
    Cheung Ka Yi, Joan
    Ku Siu Ling
    Marcus Kwan Man Kit
    Cheung Shelphay, Faye
    Woo Man Chi
    Xu Yuan
    Li Ni, Cherry
    Chan Ka In, Joyce
    Kwan Wing Yue
    Tasha Po Chi Wai
    Wong Yiu Yue, Sharon
    Hui Wai Lin, Amy
    Tam Mei Har, Iris
    Wong Hoi Wa, Nicole
    Tina Hanke
    Lui Ching Shan, Sharon
    Cheng Siu Wai
    Park Min Jung (reissue)
    Lam Suet Lai, Shirley
    Cheng Yuk Fung
    Ho Ching Sze, Nicole
    Ding Shu Kie, Thomas
    Janet Siu Wai Sum
    Paul Li Chung Wah
    Ng Wai Shan, Cora
    Yau Yuk Yan, Amy
    Queenie Yeung
    Agnes Lui
    He Yu Juan, Nicole
    Ellen Yu
    Naomi Chan Woon Ting
    Zoe So
    Ding Shu Kie, Thomas
    Tong Yiu Yiu
    Tong Sum Sum
    Luan Zhi Qing, Bowie
    Wu Hing Yan, Ruby
    Ho Kin Chung
    Poon Cho Ying, Jojo
    Tse Ka Man, Carmen
  • Wang Siu Tang
    Cheung Kwai Ching
    Ho Kin Chung
    He Yu Juan, Nicole
    Ding Yue
    Kong Chui Wan
    Luan Zhi Qing, Bowie
    Chow Kam
    Zoe So
    Chong Ping Ting, Feeling
    Tse Ka Ma Carmen
    Guo Jia, Mily
    Eunice Hsiao Chiung Shu
    Ng Sze Yan, Moon


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Written by Chandrashekaran   
Saturday, 07 July 2007 15:24
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Yoga is becoming very popular in China, especially among the youth in big cities. Yoga is seen as offering a way out from the stresses and strains of everyday life. It is seen increasingly as the best way to obtain mental and physical relaxation. Yoga Centres are to be found everywhere, from Beijing to Guanzhou to Shanghai. Many of these Centres are run by Chinese themselves, some of whom may have attended short-term programs in India. Some of these Centres offer Teachers training programs helping to spread Yoga practices even more. But many Centres  depend on Indian masters to offer the authentic Yoga practices. Indian teachers face the usual problems faced by migrants everywhere: food, language and culture often act as barriers to dedicated involvement in Chinese life. But, increasingly, Yoga is seen as a bridge between the two ancient cultures, and a way to bring people together in these troubled times.

Yogic practices are universally known to bring health and happiness to regular practitioners, and the Chinese people are not exceptions to this rule. In 2005, the first ever Yoga show and Exhibition was organized in China. The event, which was sponsored by Electronic Appliance Corporation (CEAC) was a great success. The three-day program, which attracted many Indian experts, provided Chinese people an opportunity to explore and learn about traditional Yogic living. The event had its commercial aspects, too: many Chinese and foreign exhibitors showcased their Yoga-related products.

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