If you are already a Yoga teacher, or run a Yoga School or studio, you might be interested in obtaining Certification from Yoga Alliance China. Don't wait, click on the Certification option to find out more about the procedure.

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Certification is open to Yoga teachers anywhere in China and Hong Kong.  Certification is a paid process, and interested persons are requested to contact Yoga Alliance China for more details. A small fee has to be paid, and a test will be held by Yoga Alliance China to determine the fitness of the candidate to be a Yoga teacher. Certificates will be issued by Yoga Alliance International. Successful candidates will have their photograph and other biographical details put up on our various sites.

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YAI-certified 500-hour level teachers

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Experience the Freedom of being on your own!  Become a Certified Yoga Instructor. Here is a list of people who have obtained YAI certification after completing their 500-hour level Teachers Training course at the HK Yoga Association.

500-hour Level Certified Teachers

  • Boa Tin
  • Li King Ying
  • Cheung Ka Yi, Joan
  • Cheung Shelphay, Faye
  • Karen Ma
  • Li Chung Wah, Paul


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Yoga in China

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Yoga is becoming very popular in China, especially among the youth in big cities. Yoga is seen as offering a way out from the stresses and strains of everyday life. It is seen increasingly as the best way to obtain mental and physical relaxation. Yoga Centres are to be found everywhere, from Beijing to Guanzhou to Shanghai. Many of these Centres are run by Chinese themselves, some of whom may have attended short-term programs in India. Some of these Centres offer Teachers training programs helping to spread Yoga practices even more. But many Centres  depend on Indian masters to offer the authentic Yoga practices. Indian teachers face the usual problems faced by migrants everywhere: food, language and culture often act as barriers to dedicated involvement in Chinese life. But, increasingly, Yoga is seen as a bridge between the two ancient cultures, and a way to bring people together in these troubled times.

Yogic practices are universally known to bring health and happiness to regular practitioners, and the Chinese people are not exceptions to this rule. In 2005, the first ever Yoga show and Exhibition was organized in China. The event, which was sponsored by Electronic Appliance Corporation (CEAC) was a great success. The three-day program, which attracted many Indian experts, provided Chinese people an opportunity to explore and learn about traditional Yogic living. The event had its commercial aspects, too: many Chinese and foreign exhibitors showcased their Yoga-related products.

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Yoga Alliance China

YOGA ALLIANCE CHINA is now online! Founded by Swami Vidyanand  and Dickson Lau, YOGA ALLIANCE CHINA is a division of Yoga Alliance International. Here, you will find a wealth of information about Yoga in China. This is the best place to find out about Yoga teachers and studios, and  about Yoga events, and of course, about Yoga! Everyone interested in Yoga is welcome to join the community - Registration is simple and free!

We promise to bring you an interesting mix of feature articles, community accomplishments, learning topics, and event updates regularly. 

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YAI Certified Teachers

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